Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle had told once, “the roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet”. This is true when we consider the hurdles and obstacles faced by teachers, students, and parents in today’s world. Lack of proper communication is the major reason for many hardships faced in this area.

The process of education is not confined to teaching or learning topics specified in the syllabi but it is an overall development of personality. Education is actually a manufacturing process where the tender hearts and brains are the raw materials and an ideal citizen is a final product. In this process, the communication between all the stakeholders in this area, namely students, teachers, school authorities and parents is of great significance and the communication should be improved as much as possible for reducing the bitterness of the roots of education.

In this modern world, we have many media for effective communication and each medium has its own pros and cons. There are several web-based notification tools for android for students to communicate with teachers properly. These tools will reduce the time delay in noticing the communication and thus ensure timely replies to a greater extent.Among them, InterAFT is one of the best notification tools for Android.Communication app for training is another medium for effective communication.

Communication apps are gaining wide acceptance in today’s world with many features. First of all, the messages can be seen immediately they have been received and hence prompt reply can be given. Secondly, these apps have the facility to restrict the access for the members. For example, in an interactive app for training, the trainer or the trainers can have more access. They can communicate with each student individually as well as in group but the trainees can communicate only with the trainer or the trainers. This precaution has been taken to avoid kinds of misuse of the app.

As far as a school is concerned, these apps facilitate not only the teacher to student communication but also the communication between the teacher and the parents. This facility helps the parents to keep a record of their ward and also will help to intervene on time if necessary. Exam schedules, special occasions etc can be conveyed to the parents on time with the help of these apps.

Thus, in many ways, the communication can be improved and the bitterness of the roots of education can be reduced considerably with the help of modern technology. Now, these apps have become very common in the developed countries although it is in the initial stages in India.